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Filucy Bay Bernese Mountain Dogs

Filucy Bay is a new, unique kennel name for Bella's, home to Bernese Mountain Dogs for over fifty years.  Filucy Bay is located at the tip of the Key Peninsula on Puget Sound in Washington State.  Two generations of our family have been involved in the ethical importation and breeding of Bernese Mt Dogs.  We pledge full disclosure of pedigree and health data of every Berner on our farms and will monitor the health and well being of every puppy we whelp.  And we will NOT put puppies up for out of state adoption  except to BMDCA and BMDCGS recognized breeders.  

NW Snow Feb 2019 26.jpg
Longbranch 2010May_04.JPG
Fridolin Wriggs 26April2020  02.JPG
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